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Please Help! I’m About To Propose To My Sales Girl, Do You Think This Is Right?

Posted by on July 13, 2019 0

I run a sharwama and agent bank outlet for over 3 years and it’s been a good business experience for me expect trust issues with my sales Girl. I have sacked over 6 girls in space of 2 years for attitude and fraud related cases.

One of the days when I have to stay at the shop because my sales girl did not come to work, a young lady walked in with her CV.

She said she saw my vacancy outside, I collected her CV and went through it. She is a 22 years old ND holder who studies communication.

I asked her why she would not return to get her HND. She replied that she wants to continue at the National open university where she can work and learn.
I have her 1 week trial and that is the beginning of good things in my business.

She is so consistent, All customers I mean all of them always leave a good remark about her and why they keep coming back. When ever I return from my office to the shop, I notice how people keep giving her tips and she declares it everyday but I don’t collect it from her. Sometimes she makes up to 5K daily in tips.

Fast forward 1 year, I have taken another shop and expanded my business.

I cannot remember the last time we recorded shortage in the shop. My business has become so profitable that Am thinking of quiting my job to expand the business as my salary is like 20% of what the shop now makes for me.

To reward her, I picked interest in her education, I bought her the direct entry form at the open university and she has started.

These days I noticed she has suddenly changed towards me. She doesn’t ask how my day was, she avoids me and don’t look into my face when we talk. I was really worried because I have grown fond of her. I have admired her as a lady but I maintained a professional relationship.

There are times I want to ask her to follow me to events and outings but I keep controlling my urge.

She called that her mum was sick so she would not be available. I decided to surprise her by paying her a visit, she could not believe her eyes when she saw me at her door step with a bag of provisions in my hand. I greeted the mum. The woman prayed for me a lot before I took my leave.

On getting home, I could not understand myself anymore. My experience at her home further boost her interest in my heart. I could not sleep that night so I picked my phone to chat with a random friend online. I saw Lucy was online too.

So I called her at about 12:30 am. I asked her why she is not asleep. She said she has an emotional support that has been bothering her for days. I tried to convince her to tell me but she declined, I figured it’s about a guy although I never saw her with a guy or call one at work.

I told her I was worried too and she is the cause. I told her how she has been of immense blessing to my life and how I wish she would play a bigger role in my life. She went silent. She later hung up and turned her phone off.

She called in the morning to apologize for cutting the call. By evening, I was back at the shop.

I opted to drive her home but she refused. This was very unlike her so I insisted. As we approached her neighborhood,I parked under a roadside tree. I asked her to open up to me what the issue with her was.

To my greatest shock, Lucy confesses that I was the cause of her issues.

I went quiet for a while trying to figure out what she meant. I asked again how am I the cause, at this moment her eyes were laden with tears Lucy told me she could not stop thinking about me and can’t control herself around me. She said she is confused because the feeling she is having for me get her scared.

While I sat and steer at her, I knew I felt exactly the same way for her. This time I was the quiet one. I just drove her home and back.

I am 29 and she is now 23 going to 24. I have a job and a good business. Why can’t I marry her.

She has helped me grow my business. She is adorable and well trained. I want to ask her to marry me any moment. I am strongly convinced that we can grow together and build a good business network.

What Do You Guys Thing. Is This A Wise Move?

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